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The Truth About Why I Quit My Job to Blog Full-Time

Want to quit job to blog instead? Who does that? I can hear my mom already, telling me I’m crazy for quitting a good steady job with a nice pay check that keeps a roof over my head and food on the table. I am the only earner in my home, and the single mom of a thirteen year old daughter. I get it. I really do. I also know that it’s now or never. I need to get out of the rat race and try something new or I am going to go start raving cray cray.

13 reasons why…I’m quitting my job this year to become a blogger:

1. My day job has been killing me a little bit inside for the last few months. Lots of things that didn’t used to bother me, now bug the hell out of me. That slacker co-worker? I can’t let it go any more. Instead of ignoring her games and getting on with my own work, I feel like I can’t bear to speak to her or even be in a meeting with her. I find my work dull and boring, when not that long ago it really engaged and challenged me. I’m not motivated to set objectives or work towards a promotion or a raise.

Are you stuck in a dead-end job too? Here’s how I know I am:

2. I’m probably fairly rewarded for what I do and based on where I live, I get the market rate. But I know I’m capable of pushing myself out of my comfort zone and earning a lot more. I don’t want to do that with my current employer, as I have no control over whether I will get promoted or not. That’s because there are a set number of roles within our team and unless someone leaves, there needs to be a business case for promoting someone to a higher grade. There is no business case. Fact. My boss likes me just where I am – at the bottom of the ladder, getting paid as little as possible.

Oh, and another thing…

3. I commute three or more hours every day to work and home again. Sometimes depending on public transport, it can take up to five hours. That’s time I don’t get paid for. Meantime, I have to rely on the goodwill of friends and relatives to cover childcare for my daughter before and after school. I’m a nervous wreck if I’m running late in case I miss the train and then I will be even later. I hate having to ask to work from home in case I need to go to my child’s school or take her to an appointment. It’s not that I don’t ask when I need to, I always do.Which seems like it’s all the time. Every week there’s something. And God forbid if my child gets sick. She’s not allowed to! How would I get to work if I have to stay home to watch her? There’s times when I’ve had to send her to school sick for that reason. My mom does help if she can. but my mom is getting old and needs help too.

Any of this sounding familiar?

I think childcare is a universal problem for many parents, but especially hard for single parents or in families where one parent is working away.

4. My daughter is thirteen, and you might be wondering why I can’t leave her alone before and after school, but it’s because she has health issues and was seriously ill not that long ago. At the time I cut down my hours at work, and there were a couple of months when I was unable to work at all in order to care for her. The financial pressure built up and I had to go back as soon as she was able to go back to school, but her health is another reason I don’t like working so far away. I can’t get home quickly if something happens to her and she needs medical attention.

Do you ever feel like as a mom, everything you do is for someone else? I want something that’s for me.

5. I’m talking about my own business. Where I get to make the big decisions, and no-one’s telling me what to do. No need to hurry back from lunch in case there’s time to make up later. Who’s calling the shots, who decides the direction that the business is taking, and what the priorities are? Oh, and who gets to keep all the profits at the end of the day/month/year? Yours truly, that’s who.

Is your earning potential capped at your job? I mentioned this earlier but here’s the thing…

6. I have big earning goals. Huge. Click here to see my blog income goals for 2018. With my own business, I don’t need to wait for my annual appraisal to see if I’m getting an inflationary rise (and that’s a good year.) Bonus? What are they? I lie – we do get a bonus in my current job but it’s so small as to be insulting. Plus, you have to wait several months after it’s announced before it gets paid, so if you leave before then or are on notice you don’t get it. That’s right. Thanks for everything, but here’s nada. Zilch.

You know those annoying co-workers, clients or customers that you have to be nice to in your day job?

7. That’s another thing I won’t be putting up with. If I hire anyone, it will be on an outsourcing basis with no commitments. If I don’t like them or something goes wrong, I don’t need to deal with them again.

One thing I was wondering is if I will get lonely working from home. What if I turn into a crazy woman, talking to herself with only Spotify for company till my daughter gets home?

8. I’m pretty happy left to my own devices, and not leaving the house for a couple of days is my idea of heaven. After that, cabin fever would probably set in, but I live near several good friends and in an area with lots of coffee shops where I can work from, and there are plenty of things to do near me and nice places to go for walks. I’m confident I’ll get enough human contact during working hours if I make the effort. I just need to get the balance right between work and social.

Do you know anyone who quit their job to blog and make money online?

From what I’ve been reading, a lot of people do it after a period of blogging as a side hustle until they have met their target income goals and are sure that they can make it work. My opinion is that with the safety net of a day job, I’m unlikely to go all in with blogging and make it work. I’m an all-or-nothing sorta gal and not afraid of making mistakes. What’s the worst that can happen? I know I can get another job if I have to. But if I don’t try this I will hate myself forever. That’s why I’m giving notice this week and getting ready to become a full-time blogger. Wish me luck!!

PS that wasn’t thirteen reasons, it was only eight, but I’ll add to it if I think of more 🙂