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Hardest Thing About Starting a New Blog

Hardest Thing About Starting a New Blog

Yay! You started your blog, and everything was going so well, maybe for the first few days, or if you’re lucky, even weeks. For me, the hardest thing about starting a new blog has been not giving up when the initial excitement wears off and reality kicks in. Here are 3 reasons why you’re probably going to feel like quitting your blog at the start, and why you should ignore the urge to give up:

Blogging Success Doesn’t Happen Overnight

For most people, there’s a delay between putting the work in and seeing results. That tiny trickle of traffic may give you a boost at first, but it soon becomes frustrating when you’re not generating any income through affiliate sales or advertising revenue. You don’t have enough traffic to apply for the higher paying ad networks, never mind the holy grail of affiliate networks, restyleme. When you’re putting the hours in, and still not making any money, it’s  easy to think there’s no point wasting any more time slogging over a labour of love that you’re never going to get paid for. Time is money, right? At least at your day job, you get paid for the time you put in. Wit blogging, you just have to remember that the work you put in could still be generating income for you for years to come, as long as you don’t give up too soon.

Friends and Family are Unsupportive

People are cynical by nature, and they will be very quick to say ‘I told you so’ when your blog doesn’t go viral overnight. Maybe they genuinely believe you’re wasting your time, or they’re jealous in some way of the fact that you’re wanting to do something different and create a new income stream for yourself. You might be blogging for a creative outlet but more than likely you are doing it to earn some money too, and the reality is that your loved ones might not like you taking a bold step into the unknown because it makes them feel inadequate about themselves and their lives in some way. By not rocking the status quo, you’re affirming that their life is okay the way it is. Don’t listen to the doubters – if necessary don’t share your progress (or lack of it) with them if it makes you feel bad.

Be strong in your own self-belief, and keep going. Don’t be that person who quits at the first hurdle. If you’re ready to give up already, maybe your resolve to change your life isn’t that strong after all.

Bright Shiny Object Syndrome

You know blogging is a good way to make money and you might come back to it, but there’s another make money from home idea that you just came across and it seems like you could get quicker/easier/better results than with blogging.

Sound familiar?

There will always be something else to distract you. Maybe you think you started blogging in the wrong niche, and here’s another subject matter you want to try. Or you don’t like your blog’s WordPress theme and think your blog looks horrible so you need to ditch it and get a new theme but you don’t want to spend any more money.

Calm down. There’s no need to ditch everything you’ve done. If tether’s another subject you want to write about, add a new category to your existing blog. See how that goes for a while and if you still feel like you wan to expand on that niche further, do so with a different blog but only when you’ve got your current one up and running.

Before you start throwing more money at your blog, your theme is probably fine, and your doubts are simply your subconscious looking for reasons to thwart your progress. Make a pact with yourself that you will spend the money on a new blog theme if you still hate it when you have started earning some money from your website.

Believe me, there are some really yucky looking blogs out there and they are still making money!

What’s your hardest thing about starting a new blog, is it one of the above or something else, like being stuck for what to write about? We’ll be looking at ideas for fresh blogging content soon, so stay tuned!