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How I Made my First Affiliate Sale on Pinterest

Woohoo! I finally made my first sale on Pinterest, and here’s how I did it.

Don’t Worry if You Have no Traffic To Start With

I started my blog about a month ago, excitedly wrote two posts about how much money I was hoping to make, and promptly sat back and did nothing else. Not surprisingly, I didn’t get rich overnight – I did get a trickle of traffic for the first few days, but nothing to get excited about. In case you’re wondering about the exact figures, it was about 100 visits to my site in the first month.

I think that’s pretty cool, as it shows it’s possible to get traffic via Pinterest just by pinning something. Also, as there was nothing much on my site in terms of content and I hadn’t set up any affiliate links or ads at that point, there was no monetization in place. I was more concerned in getting the site looking good with a nice WordPress theme and adding new, quality, content in order to get accepted by affiliate networks. Remember, you have to apply to become an affiliate for most programs, which means that your site will get reviewed before you are approved. You want to make sure your site is review ready before you get to that point. However, don’t worry if you get rejected by any particular network, as it is usually possible to apply again.

How I Got Tons of Traffic from Pinterest in My Second Month Blogging

In order to figure out how to get more traffic from Pinterest, which let’s face is is my ONLY traffic source right now, I bought the fabulous Pinteresting Strategies ebook from Carly over at Mommy on Purpose. She’s one of the bloggers I have been following for a while, and I’m also on her email list which I would highly recommend. She only sends one email a week, usually on a Saturday, and she’s totally on the button when it comes to Pinterest tips. For example, there’s recently been a Pinterest algorithm update, (which is usual for February, apparently), and Carly has provided some great insights on what has changed and recommended tweaks for your Pinterest strategy.

Which means if, like me, your strategy is to get as much lovely traffic from Pinterest as possible, you want to be listening to Carly and doing what she tells you as soon as possible. After implementing the strategies in her ebook, my traffic is on course to be in the thousands of visitors in my second month, and that’s only with a handful of new posts.

The other good thing about Carly’s course, is that it doesn’t involve any additional expenses for pinning tools like Tailwind or Boardbooster, which is good news as you don’t want to be forking out too much money before you’ve got any coming in!

How I Converted My First Affiliate Sale

Once I had some traffic coming in, I started looking for some affiliate products to promote, and came across a recommendation for the How To Make Your First AffiliateSale in 24 Hours ebook by Elise at House of Brazen.

What’s good about this ebook is it’s really easy to follow for newbies, and it explains about different types of products to promote, and exactly which ones Elise uses to make the most money.

I always judge the credibility of any information products like this by first of all checking out the blog of the person who wrote them, to see if what they are doing ties on to what they are teaching. In the case of Elise, she practices what she preaches by only being an affiliate for digital products. Although I’m intending on being an affiliate for physical products as well at some point (e.g. as an Amazon associate), I see the logic of promoting digital products because the commission is so good.

I have no hesitation recommending Elise’s ebook as I did, in fact, make my first affiliate sale within 24 hours of implementing what is in her ebook. Result! 🙂

Finally, if you’re not convinced yet, the other major attraction of Elise’s method is that you do not actually need a blog or website to use this method to make money with Pinterest. You can do it by just making pins. While I’m practising pinning direct to products as well as pinning to blog posts, both are showing results for me, although as my blog is so new it’s too early to tell which is working best.

Income Results for the last week

As a result of implementing the methods in both the above products, I have so far made $120 in just over a week, and am very very excited about what the future will bring! I will be posting a proper Income Report at the end of this month, my second month blogging.