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Feminine WordPress Themes with Wow Factor

Right, so you’ve set your self-hosted WordPress blog (using Siteground hosting, I hope – click here to read here why they’re my preferred hosting provider) and what have you got? Hmmm, you were really excited about your new amazing project, only to find your blog looks absolutely hideous because it’s only got the default WordPress theme installed, which at the time of writing, looks like this horrible ugly thing below….


wordpress standard theme twenty seventeen

To make your blog reader ready and Pinterest-worthy, you need to do yourself a favor and change the theme. A theme is just the name for the website template that your blog us using, and it’s the framework for how blog will look. Remember, even when you change tehtheme, there’s still loads of customization options allowing you to chage thinsg like colors and fonts to make your blog unique and exactly how you like it.

It’s tempting at first to try and find a nice free theme, but don’t waste your time. The problem with free themes is that they’re either very basic and limited in what you can do with them, they look crap, they’re slow and clunky because the code is so basic, or they come loaded with viruses and spyware that are going to mess up your computer, your business, and probably your life. Don’t even risk it. When you start your blog, you should be prepared to spend anywhere from $50-$80 on a really nice theme that looks amazing, loads quickly (necessary for all of the thousands of visitors you’re going to be getting-right?)

Popular blog styles change with time, but below are some of the best ones that I’m lusting after right now. They’re from reputable providers, will make your blog look like you hired a professional designer thousands of bucks to design it for you, they won’t blow your budget, and they can cope with high volumes of traffic. Without further ado, get ready to drool at these feminine WordPress themes that will give your site the wow factor and make your content pop…

Laurel Theme by SoloPine

This yummy theme is the theme I’m currently using for the blog you’re reading right now, Hustle Like a Mom! As you can can see from the demo, there are lots of different possible layouts. So far I’ve found it easy to use and am having a lot of fun playing with all of the different options.

Maggie Theme by Bluchic

Yep, I know. You could die and go to heaven with the Maggie theme. I love the styling and colors on this one, and think it would make a perfect platform for anyone with a service business. Not so sure how it would look for a blog, which brings me to my next choice, also from Bluchic, which I’m seriously considering for my new blog, which will be beauty related. Without further ado, may I introduce…

Paisley Theme by Bluchic

I like the neutral, feminine backdrop this theme will lend to a beauty site, as well as the banner ad placement at the top and the home page and blog layouts.

Something else it’s worth noting is that one you buy a theme and start customising it for your own business, sometimes it doesn’t look as nice as the demo site because the demo images are just far nicer tan yours. Sigh. It’s a problem we all face.

That’s why you should consider using professionally style stock images from somewhere like Styled Stock Society. The go great with the Bluchic themes and are very reasonably priced for anyone who’s serious about taking their blogging business to the next level. You can use the images for blog posts as well as social media, giving your business cohesive branding that your competitors will envy.

For other awesome places to get uber-stylish stock photos for your blog, click here.