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Blogging Income Goals for 2018

I’m writing this on January 1st, 2018. It’s my first proper blog post, even though I set this blog up a few months ago. Problem was, once I’d set the blog up, I had no idea what to do next. What on earth was I going to write about? I’ve a better idea about that now, but that doesn’t mean I’ve got it all mapped out. I’ve decided it’s more a case of taking action, getting started, and going with the flow. Here’s my blogging income goals for this brand new blog.

Blogging Income Goals

Okay, let’s be big and bold about this. I’m starting this blog for a couple of reasons, and the main one is as a side hustle, to earn extra money. I’d be happy with any extra I can make, as living debt-free is another goal that I’m currently working towards. But ultimately my main aim is to leave my job in 2018 and work from home as a professional blogger and writer. That means I need to be making a certain amount of income to live off, or me and my teenage daughter will be homeless (I’m a single mom, with no child support from my daughter’s father).

To replace my current income I need to be making $4,500 a month, which I realize is a lot to hope to make from blogging in a short space of time. But by not working there are a few savings I can make, like my travel costs into the city will disappear, and I won’t have any work clothes to buy or coffees and lunches with my coworkers. Its not like I do the coffee/lunch thing a lot, but sometimes it’s unavoidable, and it all adds up.

Replacing my current income is the bare minimum. I’ve been devouring as many blog income reports from other bloggers as I can, in fact it’s something of an addiction. Like you, I’ve seen how much other bloggers are making and I want to be able to report five figures a month type of numbers. How long will it take to make that much? I’ve no idea, but I’ll be reporting my income every month so you can see how I get on.

So, let’s make this official. Here goes. My blogging income goals for 2018 are:

$4,500 per month by end of April 2018

$7,000 per month by end of June 2018

$10,000 per month by end of August 2018

$15,000 by end of December 2018

Does that sound crazy for a brand new blog? It kind of does to me, but I’m all for shooting high because even if I miss the target I should still get to a good number.

I will be publishing income reports every month starting this month, January 2018, to keep me accountable and so that I can measure my progress.

Blogging Income Sources

I’ve been doing my homework on this, and it looks like there are are a few ways to monetize Hustle Like a Mom.

Advertising – I will start off with Google Adsense, and work up to higher paying programs. Mediavine is one I have seen on other blogs, but there is a minimum traffic/page view requirement before you can be accepted. I’ll be doing some research on the various ad networks and reporting back here on the blog, while I’m working on building traffic to the level where I can apply to upgrade from Adsense.

Affiliate Marketing – I have a vague idea of what this involves, but to get up to speed I’ll be investing in the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course by Michelle Shroeder. This seems to be the go-to guide that all other bloggers are raving about to get started with affiliate marketing.

Sponsored Posts – I’m going to have to have a lot more core content on the site before reaching out to people for sponsored posts. This is also something I’d want to think a lot about as I will only be interested in sponsoring products that are a good fit for this blog and its readers.

Product Sales – Launching a blogging product seems to be the way a lot of bloggers raise their profiles and make extra money for their businesses. There are a lot of products out there already about Pinterest, how to start a blog, and affiliate marketing, so whatever I come up with needs to add some value and not be a repeat of other products already out there. I’m going to need a lot more experience and learning under my belt, and be able to show how I built a successful and profitable blog, before I can tackle this.

Blogging Income Reports

I’ve noticed there are a couple of ways to do blog income reports, and I think the most accurate one is where you report the actual income you receive in the month. That’s because apparently when you are reporting affiliate income in the month it is earned, a lot of sales can get reversed in the time between it’s earned and when it gets paid out a couple of months later. In reality, the amount paid will often be lower than the amount earned. So for that reason I will be reporting what I actually receive. The only drawback of this is that I may not receive any payments for the first few months, but I guess I can still give an estimate in the meantime.

Eek, so there ya go. Wish me luck everyone, and I really hope you will check back to see how I’m getting on. A happy and prosperous 2018 to all you aspiring bloggers out there.