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Best Stock Photo Sites for Professional Bloggers

Why You Need Stock Photos for Your Blog

Want your blog to look super stylish, but your photos are a hot mess? Here are the best stock photo sites to get awesome feminine stock photos to make your website and social media pop:

Styled Stock Society – listen, if they’re good enough for the team making the super-sophisticated WordPress themes over at Bluechic, they’re good enough for us. The membership package is more than enough for anyone writing more than a few posts a month, but if you want to start off small or you have a lower budget, the images are also available in smaller packages.


Haute Stock – formerly called Haute Chocolate, as well as the styled stock library they also have a great blog and YouTube videos about branding your business. If you want to try them out for free, you will get a selection of images sent to you at no cost by signing up to their email list, which is not spammy at all.


Kaboompics – I wish I could find the blogger who first introduced me to Kaboompics, so I could thank them!! This is a totally free site with an impressive range of images to choose from. Unlike most free sites, the license granted by the site owner includes commercial as well as personal use. I use these a lot for my Pinterest pins. Bear in mind that because they are free, it’s more likely that other people will be using the same images as you, which doesn’t give the same brand exclusivity as some of the paid versions. But if you’re a whizz at Canva or Photoshop you can probably do amazing things with these to give them your own unique twist.

Do you know of any other best stock photo sites that should be included here? If so, please contact me with any recommendations and I’ll be happy to check them out.

Now that you’ve got your stock photos sorted, Do you have a gorgeous WordPress theme so your blog looks sharp and professional. Click here to find out how to make your blog look amazing.